Disney Dare Suggested Films

So you want to do Disney Dare? Great! We can’t wait to hear what films you watch and how many you get through! For you hardcore fans out there, we made a list outlining our suggestions for every day left in December. Are you up to the challenge?

  1. December 6th – The Emperor’s New Groove ~ Start your Disney Dare out easy with this fun and funny film.
  2. December 7th – Peter Pan ~ Take a flight with Peter Pan and remember your love of classic Disney films.
  3. December 8th – Big Hero 6 – Go on an adventure with Hiro and friends and remember why you still love Disney films.
  4. December 9th – Atlantis: The Lost Empire ~ Delve into one of the under appreciated Disney films with this fun adventure tale.
  5. December 10th – Snow White ~ Take a walk down memory lane with Disney’s first princess film.
  6. December 11th – Brave ~ Follow up Snow White with a tale about a modern, fierce and independent princess, Merida.
  7. December 12th –  Aladdin ~ Like action? Like comedy? How about a little splash of romance thrown in for good measure? Then sit back and enjoy your Monday with Aladdin and Genie.
  8. December 13th – The Black Cauldron ~ Dig deep and enjoy this overlooked classic.
  9. December 14th – Fun and Fancy Free ~ Take a break from the more serious Disney films and enjoy these shorts which includes Mickey and the Beanstalk.
  10. December 15th – The Nightmare Before Christmas ~ Just realized Christmas is in 10 days? Get into the spirit with this Gothic Disney musical.
  11. December 16th – The Jungle Book ~ Keep the great Disney music going with this jazz inspired soundtrack.
  12. December 17th – The Rescuers ~ There’s never a wrong time to watch this little film.
  13. December 18th – The Princess and the Frog ~ This imaginative, beautiful and fun film is the perfect way to wind down your weekend.
  14. December 19th – Brother Bear ~ Snow, moose, bears and the northern lights. This film is streaming on Netflix and will be an easy way to slide into the holiday week.
  15. December 20th – Ratatouille ~ Prepare yourself for all the food you’ll be eating this week with this enchanting tale of a mouse who wants to be a chef.
  16. December 21st – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ~ Nothing is more relaxing before a weekend with family, than a cup of hot cocoa and Winnie the Pooh leading you around the Hundred Acre Wood.
  17. December 22nd – Robin Hood – This Disney classic about good triumphing will leave you warm and content, just in time for the holiday season.
  18. December 23rd – Fantasia ~ listen to some great music and follow along with the enchanting stories as you wrap your last minute gifts.
  19. December 24th – The Sword in the Stone ~ Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with another great tale of perseverance and hope.
  20. December 25th – Mickey’s Christmas Carol ~ A great film to help you and the family wind down after a day of opening gifts and eating too much food.
  21. December 26th – Frozen ~ As we move further into winter, what better than the ultimate Disney winter movie?
  22. December 27th – Lilo and Stitch ~ Balance out all that snow with a little sun, and aliens, lots of aliens.
  23. December 28th – Wall-E ~ Speaking of aliens and space, Wall-E and his adventures never fail to enchant.
  24. December 29th – Up ~ Need some laughs, and maybe a little crying, after the holidays? Look no further than Up.
  25. December 30th – Mulan ~ Who doesn’t want to watch Mulan save China? No one.
  26. December 31st – Beauty and the Beast ~ Prepare yourself for the upcoming live action version of the film by re-watching the animated classic!

How did you do? What would you change. let us know in the comments below!

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