Disney Decor to Make Your Holidays More Magical

For many people, the beginning of December brings to mind one thing, the start of the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, The Winter Solstice, Festivus or anything in between, many of us enjoy the beauty and warmth this time of the year brings. Part of that holiday spirit is undoubtedly decorating the home to welcome friends and loved ones, and of course to amuse ourselves. So here are some fun ways to incorporate your love of Disney into your decorating this year!

Make your very own winter themed Disney terrarium 

Use your craft skills, to add your favorite Disney character to a simple winter scene. As you can see from these examples, you can go as big or small as you want.

Make sure Santa feels welcome.


Spice up your milk and cookie display with this great cup and plate set from the Disney Store. You can find these items online.

Triple down on the wreaths!


Add two smaller wreaths to your traditional larger one, to make a Mickey head design. It’s simple, and you can do it with any style of wreath.

Get some help putting up those lights.


There are few who would deny that at what he does, he is the best. So why not have the festive Pumpkin King help you put up your lights and celebrate the holidays?

Get a surprise every day!tsumtsumadvent

This Tsum Tsum advent calendar is available at Target Stores and will reward you for waiting until Christmas with a holiday themed Tsum Tsum every day!

Send some season’s greetings.


Send your friends and relatives warm Disney filled season’s greetings with this card or others featured here on Oh My Disney!

A Christmas Classic

Disney Ornaments are always a classic and simple way to pull together your holiday tree. This year Hallmark introduced the Cinderella’s Castle ornament which plays “When You Wish Upon A Star” and has fireworks that light up! The Disney Store also came out with fun retro ornament designs, designed after Minnie and Mickey.

Gather around the table.


Encourage family and fiends to gather around the table with this enchanting table runner, available at the Disney Store Online.

Play to Win!


Print off this do it yourself dreidel making kit here!

Get Classic.

Get some classic decor from the Disney Store with these unique nutcrackers.

Get Creative.


Elf on a Shelf is all the rage once again this year. Get creative and add elements of your favorite Disney characters!

Celebrate with light!


Celebrate the Festival of Lights, with this stunning and fun menorah. You can find it and others like it on Amazon.com.

Standalone standouts

Make these beautiful and decorative Jim Shore pieces part of your holiday decor.

Go small and tasty. 


A great part of the holidays is the delicious food, try out these Mickey and Minnie inspired Oreo treats. You can find the tutorial here.

Go big and bright!

Take your love of Disney to the extreme with a Disney themed Christmas tree!

However you decorate and however you incorporate, we hope you all have a happy holiday season!






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