Mom Interviews Inspired by Brave

Brave is a unique Disney tale where the focus is not one of romance. The movie shines a light on the Mother/Daughter relationship. The hosts decided to ask their Moms some serious and eye opening questions to their mothers to bring a different perspective tot he podcast and now to the blog. While some of the answers are very different, you can tell that the love is the same.

(Ann = Ashley’s Mom) (Pam = Laurel’s Mom)

1. What would you say was your favorite and least favorite thing about being a mother?

Ann – Best thing about being a mother was having fun with you both, watching you experience and enjoy new things, the love that feels like nothing else. The least favorite thing is not being able to fix things when things aren’t going well for your child which is a pain that feels like nothing else.

Pam – My favorite thing is that the love I feel for my girls makes my heart swell so much, that when I stop and think about it it’s so moving it makes me want to cry. Probably the least favorite is how you will worry about them for their entire life. You’d like to fight their battles for them but you just can’t.


2. How do you think your relationship with your own mother affected the way you parented?

Ann – I never felt like my mom knew who I was, that we did not understand each other. So I have tried hard to understand.

Pam –  I loved my mother but I always felt like I wanted to do better at least when it came to listening to them and letting them know they could come to me with anything.

3. Did you feel ready to be a parent when your first child was born?

Ann – No. Nobody does.

Pam –  I don’t know if feeling ready was a problem, it was more like I didn’t see myself as a parent. When I realized we were going to have a baby I was prepared to love our baby with all my heart.

4. What was your biggest fear about being a parent?

Ann –  There was a new fear every day, still is. LOL I didn’t have a great fear because we loved you.

Pam – Worrying if my baby would be born healthy. 


5.What is your favorite memory of your children/child?

Ann – Impossible to pick one. I loved playing with you both when you were little ones because everything was so new and exciting. There is a theme here I guess which is watching my children learn and have new experiences was as pleasurable for me as it was to you. It is like seeing something or doing something for the first time. 

Pam – For Laurel it had to be seeing her laying at the bottom of the hill when she was learning to snowboard. One of the most hilarious things I’d ever seen.

6. What is the biggest argument you ever had with Ashley/Laurel? How do you think that affected your relationship?

Ann – Probably about that stupid boy you dated in high school and it was because I could not warn you off of him, so I was afraid for you, that you would have sex with that idiot and that you would regret it.  The protection thing is so big for me, likely for most parents. How has if affected your relationship. I think that because you know how strong my feelings are that you don’t always tell me stuff because you know that you will affect my emotions too and you are also trying to protect me, to have me worry or sad. 

Pam – When she lied to me about where she was taking our car and needed to be rescued. As for how it affected our relationship. I hope after we talked it made our relationship stronger. Like a test showing “yes you can come to me with anything, I may not be happy about it but I will always love you”.

7. What do you think is special about a mother/daughter relationship?

Ann – Mother and daughters are like no other relationship. I smile inside when you say we are best friends, because there are things that we do not say to each other because we are mother and daughter, but we would say to our friends. Like having children, you talk with your friends, but not me because you know what I think and you don’t want to disappoint me but also you don’t want me to natter on about what I think you should do, but you would listen to a friend and not feel that same pressure. Feelings are too big. I think mother and daughters are super sensitive to messages from each other, spoken and unspoken. We totally operate a lot on unspoken. I also know that many many mother daughter relationships are not special, so special ones that are loving are, I think, a bit unique. 

Pam – Women are just more touchy feely. We can talk about things from the heart that most men don’t really care to hear about or just don’t understand as they weren’t raised that way.

8. How has your relationship with your Ashley/Laurel changed over the years?

Ann -You have always been my buddy, my partner in crime, literally from day one. The late teen years and early college years I felt displaced from your life and I knew that was usual and necessary.  I think that we are more honest now then we have ever been. When you were little I would just lie to you to make you feel better, now as adults we are truthful and sometimes it is hurtful for both.

Pam – Well I don’t have to worry about discipline, I think Laurel is more mature mentally than me but that’s always been that way.

9. What makes you most proud of Ashley/Laurel?

Ann – I am proud of your kindness to others, you industriousness and talent, your funniness, you loyalty, the totality of who you are.

Pam – I’m so proud of the person Laurel has become. She’s so responsible, reliable, educated, creative and beautiful inside and out.


10. What are your hopes for your daughter’s future?

Ann – Contentedness. 

Pam – I want her to always be happy, healthy and wealthy not only money wise but friendship wise as well.

Thanks to our Mom’s for answering this sometimes heavy questions. We encourage you to have a conversation with your family like this as it is a good way to feel close to them. Especially during the Holiday season where things can get a bit hectic. Be brave.

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