Brave Arrow Bracelet

Merida is a master at archery so it only makes sense to do a craft about the sport. Plus, arrows are really hot right now. It’s not easy to walk around with actual arrows but a bracelet of the feather adorned stick is.


  • leather/pleather – real leather looks best because of the finished back (I used a pleather with a white background to show the difference)
  • scissors
  • paint pen (optional)
  • leather cording (optional)
  • feathers/beads (optional)



1. Measure your or whomever’s wrist you are making the bracelet for.

2. Draw on the back of the leather or sturdy material the outline of the arrow. Make sure you are accounting the wrist length plus extra for the tip and end of the arrow to be attached.


3. Cut out the arrow you have drawn with a sharp pair of scissors.

4. Cut slit at the end by folding it in half.


5. Decorate however you desire. Add real feathers, paint patterns, or add beads to make them all unique.

6. When everything is dry, gently put the arrow head through the slit in the back of the bracelet you made earlier so that the two ends are connected.


7. Remember, our fate lives in us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.

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