The Little Mermaid Hurricrafts

We want you to be apart of our world from mermaid treats to crafts. Hit the jump to discover some fun creations you can make and enjoy.

This post is in honor of our 12th episode podcast where we finally tackle the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid. If you have not listened to the podcast, you can listen here.

6a0120a61aa83a970c01bb0831b513970d-600wiWanna have a ocean themed movie night? Of course you do! Between Finding Nemo and Splash, you could fill a night with nautical nonsense. Popcorn and movies go together like sushi and rice so head over to Tonya Staab’s blog to learn how to make it for your fishy friends.








3-4-0-7-0-1_normal-1604082231Disney podcasts are often best enjoyed with a drink. Especially colorful and fruity drinks. If you want to make this drink yourself, check out Just a Pinch’s recipe.










diy-scallop-pillow Add some mermaid or fish comfort to any room. Do all of Ariel’s sisters’ colors or maybe Flounder. This is a fun and easy craft that won’t cost you too much and all the other mermaids will envy. Learn how to make your own here.

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