Interview with Miss Chrissy Lynn

We all have that one friend that does so many creative things that you wonder if they even sleep. Chrissy Lynn is that friend that I am always excited to see what she has come up with next. She is an amazing makeup and hair artist plus a spectacular cosplayer.

How long have you been costuming?

I have been costuming my whole life it seems, I was slightly competitive in the work place to have the best Halloween costumes and win the contests, and I’d strive for more individuality in school when I was younger rather than store bought costumes I wanted them to be unique. I have however been cosplaying since 2010 and I have long lost my competitive touch since I only do it for fun.

13445829_641868032630824_2726277323380467102_nYou do hair and makeup professionally. Did that feed into your desire to costume?

Good question! I actually just fell into makeup and hair. I was originally going to be a fashion designer and I researched FIDM when I was in high school to potentially attend. Strangely enough with my art background I just started doing makeup and it exploded from there. It helped with costuming for sure and landed me many gigs and roles in the entertainment industry. Hair followed and now I do wigs! It all went hand in hand, cosplaying and transforming into a character is a process and hair plus beauty and SFX makeup really makes or breaks it. I definitely love doing both!

What are some of the Disney costumes you have?

As far as Disney costumes go, I was never a huge princess girl growing up. Not that I don’t adore and respect them. I’m sort of the anti-princess character type! LOL. I have however done a super hero version of Esmeralda when we did our super hero Disney princess group many years ago. That was fun! And let’s not forget the epic Hocus Pocus group from Castle Corsetry that is the best and most fun thing to wear! I have done casual Snow White before and many Disney bounds. I do have some ideas for an upcoming cosplay that will be inspired by Snow White and Star Wars. Stay tuned!

10635965_375082152642748_8846404980651918095_nYour Hocus Pocus costume group went viral and were even on TV. What made you want to do Mary Sanderson?

Funny story, Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry asked me one day back in 2013 if I wanted to be her. She said she’d had a tough time getting any other friends to do it because Mary was the “bigger girl”. I was like, “what?” As an advocate for body positivity I was not concerned with my shape vs hers and felt I could bring her to life with ease! I was thrilled she even asked me and I love Mary Sanderson, I could quote that movie all day long! Three years later and we still are rocking those costumes. It has been surreal the amount of attention they have received! We will probably wear them forever!

Do you plan to bring the costume out this Halloween season?

We are actually wearing a mashup of the Sanderson sisters at this year’s Stan Lee’s LA Comicon! I can’t say what yet but you’ll see!

Do you have any big costume planned for 2017?

2017 is going to be my year in armor I think! I’m ready to take my cosplay to the next level and I have a line up of characters I want to portray. Plus, since loosing a ton of weight and getting into better shape I have some goals to be met in terms of characters I always wanted to be but didn’t personally feel comfortable wearing. I am going to be working with some amazing prop and armor builders to collaborate. It’s going to be exciting!

14183832_683366865147607_2321766539227312825_nIs there anything you have coming up or a site you’d like to plug for people to go to to learn more about your work?

You can definitely find me on Instagram where most of my work is at @MissChrissyLyn and we just wrapped a Jem and the Holograms fan film called “Truly Outrageous”. I’ll be doing some spotlight videos coming up on the wig building for that film, I styled 19 of them all provided by Arda wigs! It was such a fun experience. Other than that stay up to date on social media and ask me anything about hair, makeup, wigs, SFX or cosplay!

So much thanks to Chrissy for giving us a little peek into her world. Follow her to make your feeds way more interesting and colorful! ❤

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