What Live Action Films We Want To See Next – Pt. 2

We’re back with part 2 of our dream casting for Disney classics we want to be made into live action films. As we know, Mulan, Aladdin and Lion King are soon to be given the live action treatment. So Ashley and I, your Babes of Wonderland hosts, both picked two classic animated films we’d like to see go next. Last time we presented your with an ideal (at least in Laurel’s opinion) cast for Robin Hood and The Nightmare Before Christmas. This time we’ll delve into another two picks, The Little Mermaid and Atlantis: The Lost Empire!


The Little Mermaid

Saoirse Ronan as Ariel

If you’ve followed Saoirse Ronan’s career you know she is absolutely aces at just about everything she does, particularly drama. While Ariel is a young and somewhat innocent character. I believe Saoirse would give her a sense of wonder and curiosity without being flighty and immature, as Ariel often comes off in the animated film.

Tyler Hoechlin as Prince Eric

Prince Eric needs some substance, I think we all can agree on that. Tyler Heochlin is a talented actor who, with the right direction, could easily bring this two dimensional character into a live action role, with his subtle choices and piercing looks. He’s a heavy weight at making every frame count, whether there is dialogue or not. No more blank stares for Eric!

Asa Butterfield as Flounder (Voice)

Asa has a voice that could easily lend itself to Ariel’s best friend and adventure buddy. His timber holds an innocent yet knowledgeable tone that could make flounder more than just a guppy that follows Ariel’s every whim.

Dule’ Hill as Sebastian (Voice)

Son to Jamaican immigrants, Dule’ Hill could easily perfect the voice and accent needed to play Sebastian. His humor and penchant for singing would no doubt help as well.

Josh Gadd as Scuttle (Voice)

Josh Gadd, irreverent, funny and likable. All things needed to bring Scuttle’s voice to life.

Queen Latifah as Ursula

I mean who else looks this good as Ursula? Who?! No one, that’s who. Disney already knows they have a talented actress who would be perfect for this role in Queen Latifah. Hence ,why they had her dress up as the villain in a Disney World advertisement a few years ago.

Susan Sarandon as King (Queen) Triton

This is what could save the story of the Little Mermaid, a single mother (and queen!) who has instilled some knowledge and has been a good role model for her daughters. Having Susan Sarandon, an accomplished and brave actress play the part could give it gravitas and poignancy that could go along way in developing not only her character,but the character of Ariel as well.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Chef Louie

Who else? Sacha Baron Cohen was made for this role.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Andrew Garfield as Milo Thatch

We’ve seen a few other lists with Andrew Garfield cast as Milo Thatch, and we couldn’t agree more. He can play geeky and irreverent, but he can also be serious and strong when he needs to be. All things required for the already well developed character of Milo.

Lupita Nyong’o as Kida

Besides being Beautiful with a capital B, Lupita Nyong’o is alluring and talented. She communicates with her eyes and facial expressions in ways that are similar to the character of Kida. Her presence and power would also make her easy to believe as the strong warrior princess.

Chris Noth as Commander Lyle

Commander Lyle is a character who seems well meaning at first, but over time gives you glimpses into his untrustworthy and selfish nature. I think Chris Noth has the ability to harness that subtlety and changing nature flawlessly.

Gina Carano as Helga Sinclair

Gina Carano, what can we say? She’s strong, a former MMA fighter who does all her own stunts. She’s beautiful enough to tempt Milo and guide him on a course that might be questionable. She also can act, whew boy, can she act. Gina for everything!

America Ferrera as Audrey Ramirez

I love watching America Ferrera be strong. She’s had so many roles where that wasn’t the case with her character, when the series or film started, but she always manages to find it and bring it forward. Audrey is a young character with a lot to learn and ethical questions to answer, I can’t think of anyone more suited to that role than America.

Mike Colter as Dr. Joshua Strongbear

Many of us have watched Mike Colter inhabit the role of Luke Cage, we would love to see that physicality brought to the role of the huggable and pleasant doctor.

Masi Oka as Mole

In the Disney animated film, Mole is French, but how amazing would Masi Oka be in this role? He’s likable, he’s great at playing frantic but knowledgeable characters, and he is generally just enchanting to watch.

Adrien Brody as Vinny

As a New York native, an Italian accent should come pretty easily to an actor as accomplished as Brody. He’s also played several quirky comedic characters in his years since the pianist. He could slide right into the role of Vinny.

John Lithgow as Preston Whitmore

The character of Preston Whitmore is loud, with wide dramatic gestures and an eccentricity that must be seen to be believed. So, John Lithgow seems like a natural fit to those familiar with his work.

Sidney Poitier as King Kashekim Nedakh 

No one could instill more grace, propriety and strength into the character of King Nedakh than Sidney Poitier. No one.

So what are your opinions on the casting? Would you have chosen differently? What films do you hope Disney announces as live-action features next? Let us know!

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