Disneybounding Animated Shorts

Disneybounding is very popular at the Parks these days. While the the most popular movies and characters get bounded a lot, there are many characters from Disney’s animated shorts that get hardly any love. So to rectify this, we’ve created six Disneybound looks based off our favorite shorts.

Feast is an adorable story of a dog that falls in love with food while his human falls for a girl. Winston is a gray and white french bulldog with a red collar. It will be simple to find pants and a top in those colors since gray is such a popular color right now. You can even do gray pants with knee high white socks or find a gray dress and pair it with white tights. It’s the details that count for this one. Shop for some food accessories and don’t forget the red collar and bone name tag!


Lorenzo is rude cat that gets a curse put on his tail. The tail comes to life so it should be a central part to the Disneybound. He tries to kill his tail throughout the short so a knife necklace is the perfect accessory for this bound. You can find a blue dress and furry scarf pretty easy now that it’s fall season. You’ll want to add some cat ears into this to finish off that feline aesthetic.


Tangled Ever After is the short follow up to the movie Tangled where Rapunzel and Eugene get married. So many people bound as Rappy but not of her wedding dress outfit. She wears a white dress with gold embroidery and accents all over it. Pascal plays a big role in the short so he should be featured some how. I say nix the veil but definitely try to add in her iconic tiara.


The Ballad of Nessie features Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster in her search for a home over the shores of Scotland. Her teal skin and plaid hat and scarf are central to her cute yet robust design, so of course they’re the focus of this Disneybound. Her best friend, a rubber duck named McQuack is also a central character and we’ve represented him with a cute little clutch!


John Henry is a Disney short film based on the iconic American legend. For this you’ll need some big suspenders, well worn boots, and perhaps a legendary physique. We’ve also added a rustic wedding band, as John’s marriage to Polly plays a central role in the story.


Last, but certainly not least, is The Lonesome Ghosts. For this Disneybound outfit, we took our inspiration from Mickey’s attire. The intrepid ghost detective dons a deerstalker hat and a blue scarf on his mission to rid the mansion of it’s ghoulish inhabitants.


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