Disney Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween and pumpkins go together like peanut butter and jelly. Carving pumpkins is fun but it makes the pumpkins rot a lot faster. Decorating and painting pumpkin last much longer which means you can get your pumpkins out by the front door sooner in the season. There are endless ways to decorate a pumpkin with a Disney theme. These are some of our favorites.

baymax-pumpkinNeed a simple pumpkin design that is instantly recognizable? Make a Baymax! This might be the easiest pumpkin out there and it’s still so freaking cute. Instructions can be found here.







screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-9-08-59-amLet the kids have fun with making their own little Mickey or Minnie. Mini pumpkins need love too and they are perfect for children to decorate. Information to make your own famous mouse can be found here.






diy-star-wars-bb-8-pumpkinBB-8 is one of the best new characters from Star Wars. Kids and adults alike will love this pumpkin when they come treat-or-tricking at your house. Get started with some duck tape and this helpful article.






Halloween is the first Holiday Disney fans get to start putting our The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. While Jack Skellington is on much of the merchandise, Sally is also iconic. Create a patch work pumpkin as a homage to her with these helpful hints.







disney-elsa-pumpkin-tutorialFrozen was an instant classic and there are always an abundance of Elsa costumes every Halloween. If you live in a colder state, it makes a lot of sense to have this chilly pumpkin on your stoop. Follow these simple step-by-step directions.







cinderella-pumpkinIf you don’t like the regular colors and feel of Halloween, make something fancy and pretty. Add a Cinderella pumpkin to match the Elsa pumpkin. It’s shiny, whimsical, and fun to make. See how easy it is to create here.


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