Disney Character Casting: Captain America: Civil War

It’s always interesting to think of Disney characters in other roles. Captain America: Civil War was one of the biggest hits of the year, and had one of the most extensive and expensive casts ever. So we wanted to get into the spirit of Team Cap and Team Iron Man by casting those roles with our favorite Disney characters. Let’s see if you agree on our picks.

Team Iron Man

Kuzco as Tony Stark – Their both rich, charmingly conceited and have a commanding use of sarcasm. Also, they look good in red and gold.


Wasabi as War Machine – Their both good friends and all about the rules, to them, oversight is good and everything has it’s place.


Mulan as Black Widow – Fierce females who aren’t afraid to take on the guys.


Baymax as The Vision – Both Baymax and The Vision are relatable and often make you forget their not actually human characters.


Peter Pan as Spiderman – High flying young characters, both with an independent streak, yet they somehow amass followers constantly.



Team Captain America

Hercules as Captain America – Golden boys with super strength, killer smiles and epic love stories. (see: Peggy Carter & Meg)


Beast as Winter Soldier – Characters that got turned into “beasts” against their will and slowly became human again.


Aladdin as Falcon – Two sassy and independent adventurers who love to fly and work better in a team.


Merida as Hawkeye – Independent characters with spunk and major archery skills.


Kida as Scarlet Witch – Exotic and magical ladies with the skills to do battle with any big bads that come their way.


Jim Hawkins as Antman – Smart, tech savy gents who just happen to be on the wrong side of the law until they find their purpose.



John Henry as Black Panther – These two characters are all about honor and truth. They fight for what is right those they love, no matter the cost.




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