The Disney Collectors Series – MagicBands

Those lucky enough to have been to the Walt Disney World Resort in the past few years are probably familiar with MagicBands. They store your park tickets, act as your hotel room key, you can even link your meal plan and pay for any other items you might want to procure along the way, all with a touch of your wrist.  What you may not know is that MagicBands are also becoming collectors items. With so many designs and accessories, it’s not hard to understand why.

For those booking a Walt Disney vacation, you will automatically be sent a MagicBand, literally with your name on it, in one of a few primary colors you can choose from on the Disney vacation planning  website. Those bands will come preloaded with your vacation details, such as hotel stay, meal plan and any credit card you wish to link to it. However, should you desire, you can upgrade your MagicBand to one with a character or attraction design, such as the Haunted Mansion Magic Band pictured above. You can also buy charms to attach to your MagicBand called MagicBandits (also pictured above).

The designs you can purchase run the gamut from your favorite classic and new Disney characters, to Star Wars and a number of Disney World attractions. You can buy as many as you want and trade them out. Simply follow the instructions on the MagicBand packaging to link your account information. (Of course only one will work at a time.) The MagicBands typically cost between $22.99 and $27.99 depending on the design and can be purchased before your trip at or at the parks themselves. The best part? Even after your trip you are left with a wearable and reasonably priced souvenir. Plus, you can use them again on your next vacation!

Happy Collecting! 

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