Interview with Rebecca “Aktrez” Adams

Sometimes in life you are lucky to encounter awesome people and even luckier to call them friends. This week I talk with my good friend, Becky Adams. She is an avid Disney cosplayer. You’ve probably even seen her on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay.

meridaHow long have you been cosplaying?

My first cosplay excursion was at SDCC in 2006. I had been to SDCC (my first convention ever) in 2005 and saw all of these amazing people in costume. As an actress since the age of 4 my first thought was “Wait, I can be any character I want and I don’t have to audition!?!?!” So, the next year, I put on a white corset, thigh high boots, elbow gloves and a pair of underwear and walked around a crowded convention as Emma Frost. I was in love!


How many Disney characters have you costumes as?
This one took me a while. I’ve done a lot of Disney. At this point, I THINK I have done about 10 Disney characters; including 2 from Disney XD TV shows.
I actually have 2 … for two very different reasons. Merida gets the best response from the kids which – at the end of the day – is my favorite part of cosplay. I also get to do the fun Scottish accent. Which, by the way, is REALLY hard to nail down. But, I ADORE being Mabel from Gravity Falls because I can be the zaniest version of myself. She is basically me …. just bigger. So, I get to just have fun and be comfortable.



You recently made an impressive Chernabog costume. How long did it take and what inspired you to do it?

Oh … Chernabog …. chernabog… chernabog. That thing took about 5 months in total to create. Our Disney Princess group had decided to do villains and, since I had already done Evil Queen a few years back, I wanted to do something new and unique. I hadn’t really seen anyone tackle Cherny so… I figured .. why not!?!

What was the most challenging aspect of the Chernabog costume?
How about what was the LEAST challenging? The corset. I bought the corset and just painted it. Oh, and the wig. I just bought the wig. No, the whole thing was challenging. From figuring out how to wire in the lights to constructing wings that I could bring on the plane (that had an 8ft wing span) to walking on 2 foot stilts. The whole thing was a challenging and LEARNING experience. I was so done with that costume, after I wore it, that I left MOST of it in the hotel room with a note that said “Trash”. I know…. that never ever happens but… as good as that costume looked it was SO hard on me: physically and mentally.

evilqueenYou do a podcast that gives tips for cosplayers. Can you tell us more about that?
Cos & Effect is my cosplay podcast and it is part of the White Dragon Podcast Network. I interview cosplayers about why they do what they do… how they do what they do…. where they do what they do and how YOU can do what they do! So far our guests have included Raychul Moore, Alicia Marie, Steff Von Schweetz and (most recently) Leo Camacho! MANY more to come… including some world renowned names! You can find the first few episodes at


Thank you to Becky for her time and sharing her Disney costuming excursions. As someone that has cosplayed with her, I can 100% tell you she is the most dedicated and fun person to run around in costume with. Follow her cosplay adventures and see more photos of her costumes here.

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  1. anthony0358

    Yay! I have been following Becky and her amazing work since 2007! Through Becky I found Megan, which also led me to find your amazing work too, Ashley. Its all a large artistic cosplaying circle!

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