An Interview with Maid of Might

Our seventh episode of the podcast is all about the movie Tangled. I thought of Maid of Might right away from cosplaying in the Super Hero Disney Princess group together. She recently debuted a new Tangled mash up costume and was nice enough to chat with us about it.

How long have you been costuming and what was your first costume?
I have been cosplaying for about 6 years now. My very first cosplay was a Supergirl outfit made out of exercise clothing and an old T-shirt!

How many different Disney costumes do you have (Marvel and Star Wars count too)?

Oh my gosh, so many!! I have three proper Disney costumes, 7 Disney/Star Wars mash-ups, 2 Star Wars costumes and at least 10 Marvel costumes but I’m probably missing some!


Your Rapunzel Boba Fett turned out awesome! What was the most important detail that you thought you had to incorporate in it?
The trick about doing a mash-up is including enough elements of both characters in your design! I was obsessive about the correct colors and had them all custom mixed to ensure they were what I wanted. The designs were all hand painted by me to not only have control over the placement but also to give it a more rustic feel since Rapunzel would have painted everything herself. And the hair!! I ditched the standard wookie braids since Rapunzel’s massive braid is certainly enough hair as it is!
Do you have any other mash up cosplays planned for 2016?
I absolutely love mash-ups but instead of creating new ones I will be focusing on revamping some of my old ones for the rest of this year instead!


You have done some Disneybounding before. What is your favorite part of it?
My favorite part of Disneybounding is certainly paying homage to your favorite characters but also connecting with other park guests and cast members because of a mutual love of Disney! You have an instant friend in a person who is Disneybounding as your favorite character and it’s so very fun to see everyone’s creativity in the community!

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into Disneybounding?
Color blocking is always your friend while Disneybounding and certainly keep comfort in mind! You can stay very simple and still be true to the character. And don’t forget to be respectful and have fun!!
Thank you so much to Maid of Might for taking time out of her busy convention schedule to answer a few questions and giving some good pointers. Follow her on Facebook for more of her great costumes!

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