5 Disney Men Who Would Actually Be A Good Partner

The men of Disney run the gamut from handsome stand-in to shrewd villains, to charming princes. They can be brave and true or adventurous and funny, but which of them would genuinely make a good partner? Someone who can embark on and sustain a healthy relationship is hard to find, but here are the Disney men we think could offer you your happily ever after.

  1. Captain Li ShangShang

Captain Li Shang is not only a brave and strong leader, with a physique to die for, he also possesses other traits that will help you sustain a healthy relationship. He’s not above admitting when he’s wrong. He will push you to be the best you can be whether it’s physical fitness or striving for that next step in your career. He’ll also go along with all of your crazy plans, even when they involve dressing his soldiers in drag to defeat the Huns.


2. Milo Thatch


Don’t be fooled by Milo’s bow tie and glasses, this is one qualified adventurer. A life with Milo would mean that you’d never stop learning or exploring. He may seem a bit passive at first, but he’s not afraid to stick up for the things or people he believes in. He’s also a world class tinkerer, so if the boiler starts making noise in the middle of the night you can count on Milo to go work it into submission.


3. Flynn Rider


Flynn Rider, what can we say? He’s handsome, he’s funny, a swashbuckling hero, if he does say so himself. However, don’t let the bravado turn you off, under those perfect bangs lies a good heart and a knack for finding the fun in any situation. He’s good with kids, orphans in particular, and he’ll open up the more you earn his trust. He’s also quite the creative problem solver. One thing is for sure, a life with Eugene, sorry Flynn, would never be boring.


4. Tadashi Hamada


Tadashi Hamada is what every mother hopes her child will bring home. He’s kind, patient, a protector and a bonafide¬†genius. When it comes to a relationship, Tadashi will put in the work and take things as they come. He’s laid back yet motivated. His kindness and willingness to help those around him garner him a tight group of friends who you will love and take you under their wings. We could all use a few more people like Tadashi in our lives.


5. Kristoff


He may be a little rough around the edges, being raised by trolls and all, but Kristoff is an all around stand up guy. He’s great with animals, just ask his best friend Sven. Don’t speak Reindeer? Kristoff can translate. He’s a hard worker and he calls things like he sees them, while also being willing to help those around him in need. He’s also a secret romantic, all he really wants is a great girl to bring home to his grandpappy.


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