Disney Characters as the Stranger Things Cast

It’s always interesting to think of Disney characters in other roles. Stranger Things was one of the most popular shows this summer, so let’s combine the two. It’s a weird mash up but it surprisingly works. You don’t need Christmas lights to figure these out. We’ve done the work for you.

1. Elinor from Brave as Joyce Byers – Strong and devoted mothers that will do whatever they have to do to protect their children.

2. Todd from The Fox and the Hound as Will Byers – Characters that experience hardship and scary situations yet retain their good natured personalities.


3. Bagheera from The Jungle Book as Jonathan Byers – Loners and fierce protectors of their loved ones that also show a lot of kindness.


4. Simba from The Lion King as Mike Wheeler – Adventurous leaders that are accepting of others with a rebellious side.


5. Lady from Lady and the Tramp as Nancy Wheeler – Classy and smart ladies looking for new experiences and can stand up for themselves when needed.


6. Dodger from Oliver in Company as Steve Harrington – Cocky, cool guys that run the show but are seen to have emotions and can make the right decision when presented.


7. Perdita from 101 Dalmatians as Barbara Holland – Intelligent, calm, and mature characters that want the best for their friends/family.


8. Sulley from Monsters Inc. as Chief Jim Hopper – Burly and intimidating captains that have a soft spot for children and keeping them safe.


9. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid as Lucas Sinclair – Fierce friends that want to steer their buddies in the right direction and keep people out of trouble.


10. Dug from Up! as Dustin Henderson – Comedic, fun-loving goof balls that display loyalty with hints of courage.


11. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch as the Demogorgon – Alien creatures that confused, misunderstood, and can be very dangerous.


12. Eve from Wall-e as Eleven – A new type of powerful and intellectual being that learns compassion through others. They both don’t have hair and you can’t spell Eleven without Eve.


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