My First Time Disney Bounding: Jolly Holiday Bert

Disney bounding is the new cosplay. Well, at least for those who live near a park and go on a regular basis. I went to Disneyland in June and wanted to bound for the first time. I chose Bert from Mary Poppins. I knew it’d be a good dapper bound as well as recognizable. With a little help from my friends, it turned out perfect.

The Jolly Holiday suit is very iconic. The striped fabric is not easy to find but dang does it look cool. To accomplish this Disney Bound, I had to get creative and enlist some help. The skirt I knew needed to be in striped so I designed the fabric myself and ordered it from Spoonflower. After a week of waiting, I got the fabric and gave it to my friend who is a fashion designer. Samantha Rei did a beautiful job creating the skirt. It even has pockets and a matching bowtie! Seriously, you should shop her collections. You won’t regret it.


The blouse is from Loft and the shoes from Johnston & Murphy. I even had the cane ordered from Ebay but carrying it around in the park didn’t sound fun. The finishing touch to the look was a custom hat by Apatico. Megan is an amazing milliner and accessory designer. Buy something her and you won’t stop getting compliments on your unique hat or goth harness. The great thing about all these pieces is I can wear them again as regular clothes. Score! I had a blast wearing this to Disney and so many of the cast members recognized me. I accidentally matched the Barbershop Quartet who promptly serenaded me. Even though I became bashful at times, I would recommend bounding to any big Disney fan. It makes the whole experience more magical.

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