Feed the Birds Craft

Mary Poppins umbrella is one of a kind and so is this craft. In this article, you can create your own Feed the Birds party favor. Whether you want a cool activity for kids or look fancy when going to your local park to feed the birds, this is sure to please any Mary Poppins fan.


Bird 1– white scrapbook paper

– blackscrapbook paper

– bird seed

– colored markers or paint pens

– hot glue gun

– black tulle

– black, green, or white ribbon

– scissors

INSTRUCTIONS – TIME approx. 15min

Bird 21. Trim the black paper and role into a cone. You can make this whoever big or small you want but about 5″ in height is a good place to start. Once desired size is rolled, hot glue the lip to the cone. Trim any excess paper off from the glued lip. You can use white glue for this but you’ll have to hold it together a long time for the glue to set.






Bird 32. Draw out the parrot’s head onto the white paper. Cut out head and color in the beak, green feathers, and eye.








Bird 43. With the extra trimmed black, cut a long strip to be the handle for the umbrella. Glue the parrot onto the end of the black paper strip and set inside cone.








Birds 54. Pour the seed into the cone. When you have the cone filled close to the top, put the handle in the middle of the seed.








Birds 65. Cut black tulle so there is enough to completely cover the cone. This will help keep the seed in until you are ready to feed those birds. Once the tulle is cut, wrap cone from the bottom to the top so the loose ends are facing the parrot on the handle.







Birds 76. Tie tulle closed with colored ribbon. Display at party or go outside and use immediately. The birds will thank you with happy songs.

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