David Terres Interview: Prince Philip Costume

On Babes of Wonderland’s 5th episode, Laurel and I discuss Sleeping Beauty. Prince Philip is the first prince we see in a Disney movie that has any kind of back story or personality. He is not a common costume at conventions so when you see a good one, that nostalgia hits you hard. David Terres makes the best Prince Philip in my humble opinion. We talked with him about his costume and his love for Disney.


How long have you been costuming?

I’ve been into the hobby for 11 years now. My first appearance in costume as an adult was Star Wars Celebration III in the spring of ’05. Growing up extremely shy and introverted, I was terrified of the attention and it took some bravery to commit to putting myself out there on display. It felt awkward at first, but the positive feedback and the opportunity to share my passion for the characters, the films and the art involved with others won me over. Dressing up at conventions really helped my get out of my shell and interact with people more. I’ve met so many fun and creative people in the hobby, and made some lifelong friends. Its also been a wonderful creative outlet. My skills are somewhat limited as I haven’t mastered the sewing machine yet, but I get involved in every aspect of creating a costume, whether its researching details, finding materials, building props or hunting down existing pieces to repurpose. Figuring out how to make something “look” right is fun creative challenge.

What made you want to do Prince Phillip?

I’ve never thought I would fit the “prince” persona physically, so for years, I never considered dressing as one. However, I’ve always loved the design of Prince Philip’s forest costume. The way that bright crimson cape drapes over the deep subtle hues of his tunic. The long pointed silhouette of his cap. The tall riding boots. The outfit is simple, yet striking. I plan on making a sword and shield to complete the outfit, hopefully soon. You never know when you might run into a dragon!

What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

Disney’s animation and imagineering has been an interest and inspiration to me as long as I can remember. The Sleeping Beauty film stands out as tremendous achievement in design. Eyvind Earle’s stylized and colorful landscapes, as well as the character and costume designs are visual treats for the eyes. So aesthetically, I’d put that film above the others. However, my childhood sense of adventure has always been drawn to Peter Pan, and I probably enjoy watching that movie more than any.

Do you have any other Disney costumes? If not, what other costumes do you do?

Prince Philip was my first Disney costume, only worn at one convention thus far. I’m planning on wearing it to many more as well as working on a few on-location photo shoots. My very first costume was a Jedi Knight first worn at Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis. 11 years later, I still love wearing it and swinging my saber when I get a chance, we have great local group of Star Wars costumers and I’m always eager to join them at their appearances. My second costume was the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. Probably my most popular and fun to wear. My third was the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. I then entered the video game genre with Dirk The Daring from the 80’s classic animated arcade game, Dragon’s Lair. I also dressed as Spock for a Star Trek-themed wedding a couple years ago and I’m looking forward to wearing that again. Most recently I helped form Mystery Inc. as Shaggy, a costume I’ve wanted to do for years.

Any plans to do another Disney costume in the future? You’d make a good Lumiere. 🙂

12933003_10208978289876954_1527052632911405963_nThat’s an interesting thought! I’d have to work on my french accent though. I’d love to expand my Disney wardrobe, it just has to be a good fit for me physically and a costume that is visually dynamic and at the same time financially feasible. I’ve put some thought into portraying Captain Hook. Peter Pan is one of my favorite films, and his dress is distinct and elegant. I think I could have a lot of fun with that character and it would give me a chance to include my son as Peter Pan.

What is your favorite Disney attraction?

The two that stand out for me are The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. I love both themes. Both rides are great achievements in creating a completely immersive experience that let you escape reality and lose yourself in a fantastic adventure. The physical effects and set decorations in each are stunning. Their continued popularity is a sign of their timeless appeal.

How would win in a fight? Prince Phillip or Prince Eric?

I’d have to say Prince Philip would have the upper hand in a sword fight, he did slay a dragon after all, and he’s probably more dangerous on land in general. When it comes to the other 2/3 of the earth, I’d have to give Eric the advantage, he’s definitely more accustomed to the water and how to survive at sea.

Thank you so much to David for indulging us on picking his brain. Look for him at Minnesota conventions and Dragoncon this year!

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