The Disney Collectors Series – Vinylmation

The Walt Disney company has always put out interesting and desirable collectibles. From Mickey ears, to plush animals, ceramic figures to music boxes, but lately it seems the company has gotten strongly on board the collectible series train. With products like Tsum Tsums (plush and vinyl), tradable pins, Duffy bears, and vinylmation.  Vinylmation was perhaps, the first and most widely accepted of these collectible series, with the first figures coming out in November of 2008.


The figures, like those seen above, come in varying sizes, the standard 3 inch, the larger 9 inch and keychains that measure 1 inch in height. All figures are shaped like Mickey Mouse himself, allowing the artists who design the figures to use the ears in creative ways, such as using the space for accessories or background. A number of series came out in the time between the launch and roughly 2014. These series encompassed an array of Disney characters (as seen in the series pictured above), Disney attractions (like the Haunted Mansion series), and artistic design (such as the Urban series).

There was also the ability to trade vinylmation figures at both the Disney Parks and Disney Stores within the United States. However, the trading aspect has unfortunately been halted in all locations. In fact, the production of vinylmation has recently been scaled back tremendously by Disney, in order to dedicate their time to development of their pin trading series. Only a small number of series came out this year, these included a Zootopia, Star Wars, and a Captain America: Winter Soldier series. They were all also only available in very limited locations, especially compared to all of the places you could purchase tsum tsums. You could buy the single boxes at Disney stores and Parks and buy full cases online on the Disney Store website.

The lack of production on the vinylmation brand has not stopped avid collectors though. Ebay sales and vinylmation trading sites are still going strong, offering fans the opportunity to acquire more and add to their collections. More artistically inclined fans have also started taking orders for impressive custom vinylmation figures, most of which can be found on Etsy or Ebay.

custom Vinylmation

One thing is for sure, Disney enthusiasts still hold a lot of love in their hearts for the vinylmation brand. Despite the series’ decline in production, fans are still amassing more figures to incorporate into their collections.

Do you collect Disney vinylmation or other memorabilia? Let us know what you’d like Babes of Wonderland to cover in our next installment of The Collector’s Series.

Happy Collecting!

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