Tower of Terror to Close at Disney’s California Adventure

No matter what your feelings on The Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure Park,  the official announcement of it’s demise probably came as somewhat of a shock. It’s true that rumblings had been heard over the past couple of months, noting that a certain band of Marvel mercenaries may be taking over, but for some, it was a rumor that they fervently hoped proved false. Afterall, the iconic Disney attraction has been a favorite at both Disney’s California Adventure and Disney World for several years. However, while Disney has announced that the change will definitely take place at their park in California, there are no reports of similar action being taken at their Orlando park. So get your passes to California Adventure now before it’s too late (or plan a vacation to Orlando) if you want to make sure you get the chance to experience this classic before it’s gone.

So, what is this ride going to be about? Well, Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout will take place at a warehouse/fortress where The Collector, played by Benicio del Toro in both the movie and in the new ride, keeps his collection of otherworldly objects. In the attraction, riders will discover that The Collector has captured our questionable heroes and Rocket will be enlisting the audience’s help in escaping.

Concept art for the new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout attraction. The new ride slated to open next summer will replace Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure.

Joe Rohde of Disney Imagineering, who presented the ride in a recently released video, noted that the ride will be immersive and feature The Guardians in an exciting new narrative. Of course there will also be multiple scores featuring classic rock. The video also notes that Disney’s Imagineers have worked with the film’s director, James Gunn, to develop a story that feels genuine and true to the films.

It looks like the ride will also be trying to live up to the production value that the Tower of Terror was known for. The line to board the attraction will feature pieces of The Collector’s favorite acquisitions.

Disney releases new concept art for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride that will replace Tower of Terror. Visitors will have until January to experience Tower of Terror. Guardian’s of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout will open summer 2017.

“It’s the first in what is going to become a whole new universe at Disney’s California Adventure.” Rohde says, “All of this is happening as we speak.” We can expect to see The Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout opening some time in 2017.

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