The Story of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Spider

One of the best attractions at any Disney Park is the Haunted Mansion. Along with the spinning tea cups, flying Dumbos, and it’s a small world rides, it delivers that classic Disney feel that most fans are still hold on to. When visiting California last night and of course making a stop at Disneyland, I learned a very cool fact from my good friend Chrissy Lynn.

dancerzThe Haunted Mansion ride has lots of rooms and crevices for riders to enjoy. I mean, it’s a mansion so that makes sense. We all know the purple wallpaper hall and the séance room with the woman in the orb, but one of the coolest rooms is the ballroom. Riding up above to look down below to see ghosts dancing and dinner ware moving is something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.

In that section of the attraction, there is an interesting story. The ride has been around since 1969. A lot can happen on a ride in 47 years. Apparently, early in the ride’s opening, a little boy brought a BB gun onto the ride. You know times have changed by that sentence alone. This little boy thought it was a good idea to fire his BB gun while on the ride at the ballroom scene. There’s a panel of glass separating the riders from the ghosts below. It is a special glass that they had to bring in and then build the set around. This little boy, who shall remain nameless (mostly because I don’t know his name), shot his BB gun into the this glass and made a hole about the size of a quarter.

9493529614_8b81c35229_nDisney could not replace nor fix the glass without a whole lot of time and money. So, they did what they are good at and used their imagination. They put a spider in the middle of the hole and added web around it. BAM, it hides the broken glass and looks spooky. It’s located towards the end of the ballroom scene right before the chairs start to move down the ride again. Look for it along with all the Mickey heads you are always trying to find. If this story is an elaborate prank from Chrissy, I’m sorry. It doesn’t sound like it because it is the only decoration on the actual glass of the ride. Let me know if you have heard this story as well or if I’m full of it.


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