Top 10 Wreck-It Ralph Inspired Cosplay/Disneybound Outfits

For the fourth episode of Babes of Wonderland we’re talking about Wreck-It Ralph. The worlds and characters in Wreck-It Ralph are so colorful and inspiring, and it looks like these creative people love them as much as we do! Here are a list of just some of our favorite Wreck-It Ralph inspired Disneybound and Cosplay photos.

1. This sweet duo all done up for Disneybounding’s Dapper Day – by Leo Camacho

2. King Candy, complete with his own Sour Bill! – photo by Jason E.

3. These Wreck-It Ralph vintage inspired gals with the ultimate accessory,a golden hammer from Felix’s father. – by theladydamfino

4. Queen vanellope von schweetz, or is that president? – By Cosmic-Empress

5. Jane Lynch dressed up as her own character from the film.

6. A surge protector, just doing is duty. – photo by Dtjaaaam

7. Superhero Vanellope!

8. Vanellope and her go cart – by Laura C

9. Crying Taffeta – by Soft Bells

10. Calhoun on her wedding day – by BattyJuice Cosplay

2 Responses

  1. Sofie Ector

    My son is going as Ralph this year, and I was able to find brown corduroy overalls and an orange henley at Salvation Army. I’m gonna paint the shirt to look more like Ralph’s, and sew up some fists and shoe covers with some beige knit fabric I got at Joanns.


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