Hairy Baby Catnip Toy

Disney has so many cats in their movies so why not make a toy for the cat in your life. Plus, Baymax loves hairy babies. This craft is super easy and a good way to brush up on your sewing skills.


– white felt or fabric

– black felt of fabric

– loose cat nip

– black and white thread

– sewing needle

– scissors

INSTRUCTIONS – TIME approx. 30min


1. Cut two ovals out of the white felt. You can decide how big you want to make it. The example above is about the size of a standard business card.

2. Cut two circles for the eyes from the black felt.






tumblr_o8etcsw9fY1vvugy9o3_r1_12803. Sew the eyes onto one side of the white felt. I used a basic overcast stitch for this.

4. Once the eyes are sewn in place, use the full back stitch technique to create the line in between the eyes.






tumblr_o8etcsw9fY1vvugy9o4_r1_12805. Now that Baymax’s face is finished, match up the two ovals with the eyes facing out and stitch together using the overcast stitch again. Make sure to leave a small hole for the cat nip.

6. Add as much or as little cat nip you’d like for your hairy baby.






tumblr_o8etcsw9fY1vvugy9o1_r1_12807. When the desired cat nip is inside Baymax, stitch it shut and TADA, you have a new toy for your kitty to play with.









Note* Make sure you check to see if your pet has any allergies to certain fabrics before making and only let them play with toys under supervision. Cats have a tendency to chock on stuff. Silly babies. 

Happy Crafting!

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