Alice in Wonderland Teacup Terrarium

Alice in Wonderland is a Disney classic and our name sake. For one of the very first crafts we wanted to base it off the movie. It felt right to post it with our first podcast. It is an easy and adorable craft that you can have indoors or out.

You will need:

  1. A teacup, make sure it’s not fine china, as there will be some pressure on the sides while inserting the “grass”. I chose a Disney Park’s Alice in Wonderland mug designed to look like a teacup from the Disney World Ride.
  2. Foam block, covered in faux grass, this can usually be found in the same area as the fabric flowers.
  3. Miniature figures, I purchased a mirror, a teacup and saucer, tea cakes and mushrooms.
  4. An exacto knife
  5. Super glue

How To:

  1. Place your mug/teacup upside down on the faux grass block.
  2. Use your exact o knife to carve around the circular top of the mug/teacup.
  3. Set your mug/teacup aside, and shave down the sides of your faux grass circle. bit by bit, until it fits snugly inside the mug/teacup.
  4. Arrange your miniature items on top of the grass.
  5. Once your items are where you’d like them, super glue them to those locations.
  6. Let glue dry.

Overall, it’s a pretty simple craft, but with a great payout, perfect for a table or bookshelf!


About babesofwonderland

Two ladies fascinated by Disney and pop culture.

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