The Disney Collectors Series – Tsum Tsum

You may have seen Tsum Tsums around lately if you’ve been, well, anywhere. The adorable small cylindrical plush toys are taking off all over the place, with adults and kids alike collecting characters from their favorite Disney films. While the craze began in Japan, the unique collectibles are now one of the hottest items to hit shelves in America since Funko Pops.

The plush characters are generally sold individually and at a reasonable price point, making them great to grab for kids who love Disney and who perhaps can benefit from the space saving collection. Their small sizing meaning that a child can collect a lot of them without taking up all the space in their room or the home in general. For adults, the size and plush nature of the toys means they can fit easily into interesting shelves or display cases, making them a fun collectible that can be a type of art at the same time.

tumblr_inline_oa7ev3CGMz1u9iyoa_540Disney has also come out with vinyl versions of the tsum tsums, both as part of a stacking collection and mystery packs. Still small in size, these characters appeal to more traditional vinyl toy collectors as well as older kids who may not see the appeal of the plush versions. The mystery packs also come with cool accessories to display your character with! (See Genie below from series 3.)


The popularity of the tsum tsum line is only gaining in popularity, with new products coming out constantly. The latest being mystery bag key chains and larger blind box collectible versions available at the Disney Store. The majority of the other mentioned tsum tsum products can be found at Target Stores across the United States.

Happy Collecting!

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