The Disney Collectors Series – Vinylmation

The Walt Disney company has always put out interesting and desirable collectibles. From Mickey ears, to plush animals, ceramic figures to music boxes, but lately it seems the company has gotten strongly on board the collectible series train. With products like Tsum Tsums (plush and vinyl), tradable pins, Duffy bears, and vinylmation.  Vinylmation was perhaps, […]

Disney Decor Series – The Princess and the Frog

Disney fans can turn any room into an homage to their favorite movie pretty easily. Time and research are all that’s needed to get started. Here at Babes of Wonderland, we’re here to help get you started by creating our own series called Disney Decor. Disney Decor presents interior design boards inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel […]

Tower of Terror to Close at Disney’s California Adventure

No matter what your feelings on The Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure Park,  the official announcement of it’s demise probably came as somewhat of a shock. It’s true that rumblings had been heard over the past couple of months, noting that a certain band of Marvel mercenaries may be taking over, but for […]

Disney Decor Series – Brave

It’s a fact that Disney movies appeal to those of us interested in design. The great art and aesthetics of each scene just intrinsically appeals to our inner designer. Knowing that, we were inspired to begin a new series called Disney Decor. Disney Decor presents interior design boards inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and more. […]

The Story of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Spider

One of the best attractions at any Disney Park is the Haunted Mansion. Along with the spinning tea cups, flying Dumbos, and it’s a small world rides, it delivers that classic Disney feel that most fans are still hold on to. When visiting California last night and of course making a stop at Disneyland, I […]

Top 8 Disney Video Games

Disney has made a lot of movies and with most of those movies have come video games. Many are made to be released with the movie while others are to celebrate the many other awesome Disney characters. Here are the best video games Disney has put out in my humble opinion.

Babes of Wonderland Episodes

Welcome to the Babes of Wonderland website. This site is dedicated to Disney and the Babes of Wonderland podcast, hosted by the Fancy Pants Gangsters Network, and produced/hosted by Ashley Hay and Laurel Deneen. If you’re new to the podcast, check out our past episodes below! ❤ Episode 1 – Alice in Wonderland

Top 10 Wreck-It Ralph Inspired Cosplay/Disneybound Outfits

For the fourth episode of Babes of Wonderland we’re talking about Wreck-It Ralph. The worlds and characters in Wreck-It Ralph are so colorful and inspiring, and it looks like these creative people love them as much as we do! Here are a list of just some of our favorite Wreck-It Ralph inspired Disneybound and Cosplay […]

Top Things to See at Shanghai Disneyland

Okay, by now I think we can all agree that we need to go to Shanghai Disneyland. The pictures, the news and the general Shanghai Disney overload is baring down on us all. It has us researching airline ticket prices and hotel rooms, wondering if we can make it a week with only two t-shirts […]